Reylo and Anidala Free Phone Wallpaper Backgrounds

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Today, we launched a new design for Star Wars fan shippers!

Star Wars forbidden space love sweatshirt friday apparel reylo anidala hanleia

Cause if it isn't a forbidden space love, we don't want it.

To celebrate our newest fashion for fans, we have two free phone wallpaper backgrounds for you!! Honoring two of our favorite space loves: Reylo and Anidala. Download to your computer or phone, and send it on to another fan who loves to ship these star-crossed lovers, too.



Star Wars prequels anidala ship forbidden space love Anakin Skywalker padme Amidala friday apparel blog


"Star Wars really isn't a science-fiction film, it's a fantasy film and a space opera." -George Lucas



Star Wars sequels fan ship forbidden space love reylo rey Skywalker rey nobody Kylo Ren friday apparel blog



Ready to cozy up in your new shirt and get in your space love feels? Here's what's available in our new Forbidden Space Love design:

forbidden space love graphic tee shirt Star Wars fan ship friday apparel

forbidden space love sweatshirt Star Wars reylo anidala friday apparel

forbidden space love cropped hoodie Star Wars reylo anidala hanleia friday apparel shop

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