May the 4th Celebration Hype : May the Food Be With You

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May the 4th is coming! Since our clothing line is inspired by Star Wars, May the 4th is a pretty big deal around here. We can't wait to wear our Star Wars Shirts and say may the fourth be with you to everyone around us. Check out our The Friday Blog Feed to see all our other May the 4th posts to help you get ready for Star Wars Day. Plus, new designs launching, too!



We definitely are going to be making some delicious Star Wars inspired foods on May the 4th. We've taken our best selling Star Wars inspired designs and found a galactic recipe to match! Whether you're staying home celebrating Solo, or partying it up with friends and family, there is a Rebel recipe for you. Click on the link to see the original posts and get the recipes.


Inspired by our Mentally Dating Kylo Ren Shirt

Friday apparel Star Wars mentally dating Kylo Ren shirt graphic tees custom Ben Solo Adam driver

Star Wars Kylo Ren Emoji Cookies by Just Jenn Recipes


just jenn recipes Star Wars foods snacks treats Kylo Ren emoji cookies Friday apparel the Friday blog may the 4th be with you



Inspired by our Leia Rebel Buns Shirts

Princess Leia organa rebel buns hair matching mommy and me onesies shirts Star Wars women may the 4th Friday apparel

Princess Leia Hoth Vest Cake  by Popcorner Reviews

Friday apparel the Friday blog may the 4th party food ideas popcorner reviews Princess Leia Hoth vest cake wedding birthday rebel alliance


Inspired by our Custom Rides & Treats Shirt, Blue Milk Version

Friday apparel the Friday blog custom rides and treats shirt go on rides and drink blue milk with Ben Solo tee Star Wars galaxys edge

Frosty Blue Milk by Baking Mischief

Friday apparel Star Wars the Friday blog frothy bantha milk Star Wars blue milk recipe ideas party may the 4th be with you g


Inspired by Ben Solo's Sweater

ben solos sweater Friday apparel Star Wars Kylo Ren Adam driver outfit galaxys edge blue butterflies clothing shop

Blue Butterfly Cookies by Sweetopia

blue butterfly cookies sweetopia ben solos sweater reylo Friday apparel Star Wars party ideas

Inspired by our Han Shot First Hat

Friday apparel Star Wars han shot first hat Han Solo Harrison Ford Star Wars originals jedi skywalker clothes

Jabba the Hummus by Good Living


Jabba the hummus Star Wars recipes food snacks party ideas may the 4th be with you good living Friday apparel the Friday blog



Inspired by our Matching I Love You I Know Joggers

Friday apparel Star Wars clothing shop matching I love you I know joggers sweatpants Han Solo Princess Leia organa Star Wars wedding couples may the fourth

Han Solo Carbonite Jello by Short Stop Blog

han solo carbonité jello Star Wars recipes snack food ideas kids birthday parties may the 4th party Friday apparel shop clothing


Inspired by our Hearts of Kyber Tee

the strongest stars have hearts of kyber rogue one quote shirt lightsaber kyber crystals Star Wars graphic tees Friday apparel shop

Galaxy Cupcakes by Whisky n Sunshine

Star Wars galaxy cupcakes Friday apparel may the 4th party ideas food snacks whisky n sunshine hearts of kyber crystals


Inspired by our Happy Beeps Sweatshirt

happy beeps sweatshirt smiley face poe dameron Oscar Isaac bb-8 droid the last jedi Star Wars sequels movie quote shop outfit style cosplay celebration may the 4th friday apparel


BB-8 Muddy Buddies by Ashlee Marie

bb8 muddy buddies Star Wars may the 4th be with you party ideas food snacks recipes Ashlee Marie Friday apparel the Friday blog poes sweater shop


Inspired by our Chewy Bubble Trouble Tee

Star Wars chewy bubble trouble tee Friday apparel Chewbacca shirt bubble gum clothing shop

Chewbacca Bites by Momtastic

Chewbacca bites momtastic Star Wars birthday may the 4th party ideas food snacks recipes teacher Friday apparel blog


Inspired by our This Is The Way Denim Hat

this is the way hat the mandalorian din djarin Pedro pascal baby yoda grogu Star Wars Disney Plus galaxy's edge celebration may the 4th cosplay shop friday apparel

Baby Yoda Deviled Eggs with Avocado by Popcorner Reviews

may the 4th be with you party food ideas recipes snacks Star Wars birthday wedding Friday apparel the Friday blog shop


Inspired by our Rey Nobody Shirt

rey nobody shirt the force awakens the last jedi the rise of Skywalker rian Johnson trilogy reylo daisy Ridley Star Wars outfit Friday apparel shop

Rey's Krispie Treats by May the Fourth Be With You Party

Reys Krispie treats Star Wars food ideas may the 4th be with you recipe snacks Friday apparel clothing shop


Inspired by our The Force Is Female Tee

friday apparel Star Wars the force is female shirt Leia rey Ahsoka tee

Princess Leia Cinnamon Rolls by Sumopocky

Princess Leia cinnamon roll buns Star Wars recipe snacks foods Friday apparel blog sumopocky


We hope you find some recipes for your May the Fourth Celebration. Tell us what your favorites are in the comments! If you use one of these recipes, or wear a Friday Apparel product, be sure to tag us on Instagram so we can see and share >>> @shopfridayapparel


Ready for more May the 4th Celebration hype?

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