Happy 1 Year Anniversary to the Original Ben Solo's Sweater

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A tribute to YOU and the one & only Ben Solo's Sweater

One year ago, we launched Ben Solo's Sweater. We didn't know if anyone would “get it" or even like Ben Solo. Boy, were we in for a surprise. Turns out, you all LOVE this good boy as much as we do. Thousands of Ben Solo's Sweaters have been sold around the world! 

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Click here to read the story behind Dani designing the Original Ben Solo's Sweater

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Symbolic of the final scene where Ben Solo comes to find Rey on Exegol, running in with that Han Solo charm & blaster (the behind-the-back shot though!) and Leia's connection with the force & lightsaber skills. Our good boy half of the Dyad was ripped away from us as he disappeared into the Force...leaving behind HIS SWEATER.

Ben Solo death scene tros skywalker Star Wars sequels Adam Driver Kylo Ren Friday apparel ben solo's sweater

We've gone back and forth on our feels about this scene right here. Understanding why the decision was made to let Ben Solo die, but still hoping for his return! Thank goodness for The World Between Worlds, force healing and The Rise of Skywalker Novelization last conversation between Rey and Ben SoloI'll always be with you...No one's ever really gone.

A good article explaining the importance of Ben Solo in the Skywalker Saga.

Friday apparel galaxy's edge Ben Solos sweater Kylo Ren Adam Driver Daisy Ridley dyad rey skywalker Star Wars the Friday blog

A Nerdist article that came out right 5 days after our sweater's launch, detailing how Ben Solo's Good Boy Sweater was the best part of The Rise of Skywalker.

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How about some cookies to go with your sweater? We love these cute Ben Solo's Sweater cookies from Popcorner Reviews.

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Our sweater would be NOTHING without all of you. It would still be on Exegol, collecting stardust. Thank you for wearing, sharing & crying into our sweaters (hey, we've been there!). Each time we wear our sweaters, we give hope to Disney and Lucasfilm bringing back Ben Solo! Ben Solo deserved better, and we won't stop making Ben Solo's Sweaters until he gets the alive, true & happy Bendemption he deserves.

Friday apparel galaxy's edge batuu bound ben solos sweater Adam Driver Kylo Ren rey reylo dyad

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Do you have Ben Solo's Sweater? Comment what it means to you! 

All these your rad photos came from our tagged photos on Instagram, which you can see more of HERE.



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