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The Strongest Stars Have Hearts of Kyber

We've got a brand new design for you! We loved this quote from Chirrut Imwe in Rogue One. I remember hearing this for the first time and immediately thinking of The Death Star, because the Death Star is powered by kyber crystals (get it? death STAR...hearts of KYBER...). I also thought of lightsabers, because they are powered by a kyber crystal. But even more, I thought of Jyn Erso, who wore a kyber crystal around her neck, given to her by her mom. The symbolism of kyber crystals and hearts and strength...gets us in our feels. What an empowering statement! 

We asked on our Instagram what your kyber crystal colors are, and included all your kyber crystal colors in our shirt design. We wanted this shirt to be inclusive, because that's what we feel the Star Wars fandom is...inclusive! Despite it sometimes feeling like a divided fandom, we truly believe there is room for EVERYONE in the Star Wars fandom. That's what Star Wars is all about...friendship, family, and fighting for what we love.

Click the photo to see all the products available in our Hearts of Kyber design. And trust me, you're going to want to!! We have MORE PRODUCTS in this design than we've ever released before!

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We also have a FREEBIE DOWNLOAD for you! Save this Rogue One Aesthetic phone wallpaper background to your phone and send it to someone who would love it, too. 

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