2019 Holiday Gift Guide 2 of 3 "Gifts for Moms" and Giveaway!

2019 christmas gifts gift guides gifts for moms giveaway holiday shopping

Friday Apparel is excited to bring you our 2019 Holiday Gift Guides!
We love shopping small and featuring brands we know and love. We hope you'll find the perfect gift in our guide for someone you're shopping for this holiday season.
Read on to enter to win a very merry gift package! Win EVERY gift featured in our Gifts for Moms Guide!
Friday apparel holiday gift guide gifts for moms 2019 blog post
1 - Preset Collection from Chic Lightroom Presets
chic Lightroom presets Friday apparel holiday gift guide
One click and you have a beautifully edited photo? Yes, please! We love these preset collections from Chic Presets. We use these on our own photos you see on Instagram! Chic Presets specializes in warm and bright edits. They partner with top bloggers and influencers to create unique collections and editing styles. An email with a collection of lightroom presets would be a unique and thoughtful gift for the mom who loves taking pictures & sharing memories of her family.
2 - Holiday Scrunchies Pack from Lazy Day
shop lazy day scrunchies Friday apparel holiday gift guide
Scrunchies are life! We are obsessed with these from Shop Lazy Day. You'll see these in lots of Friday Apparel pics, cause we truly love them. A scrunchie pack is a great gift for any girl mom, who can share her scrunchies with her mini!
3 - Mama Hat from Friday Apparel
Friday apparel women's clothing gifts for moms pregnancy holiday gift guide
Did you know Friday Apparel is owned & designed by a mom of 3 (and a half! peep Dani's Disneyland gender reveal in the pics)?? We love supporting moms, and know that cute & comfy apparel is a must have -- especially during the busy holiday season. Our Mama Hat in Vintage Denim is a best seller! No need to guess someone's clothing size, our hats are adjustable & one size fits all. Leave a note at checkout you want your order marked as a Gift. We can even add a Gift Note to your package receipt with the pricing left off! A great holiday gift for any Mama.
4 - Memo 10"x10" Gray Letter Board from Felt Like Sharing
felt like sharing gray letter board Friday apparel holiday gift guide
Letter Boards were a MUST for our Holiday Gift Guide. Nothing makes a statement more than a cute & trendy letter board phrase. These are an awesome gift for moms! They are versatile and usable all year around. We love Felt Like Sharing's letter boards, because they have SO many color options, and they're all handmade (seriously, scroll their Instagram feed and get ready for an overload of laughter and cuteness!).
5 - Personalized Family Name Blanket from Highway 3
personalized name blankets highway 3 Friday apparel holiday gift guide
When we saw these personalized name blankets trending online, we knew we HAD to feature them in our Gifts for Moms guide! What a special, and personal, gift to give any mom or grandma. Lots of colors and options make these blankets from Highway 3 a great way to go for your holiday shopping.
6 - Mama Necklace from Huck + Liz
huck and liz women's jewelry mama necklace Friday apparel holiday gift guide
Huck + Liz was named after Miranda's daughters. Miranda says her brand motto is: "FEEL beautiful, BE beautiful." We are happy to be featuring her gorgeous 14K Gold Mama Necklace in our Holiday Gift Guide for Moms! What a special gift for a mom or mom-to-be. A simple statement of something that means so much, this necklace is sure to empower and comfort the mama you gift it to.
7 - Custom Name & Est. Date Pillow Cover
linen and ivory custom pillow covers Friday apparel holiday gift guide
Linen & Ivory's custom name & est. date pillow covers are a unique and personal gift for moms. Their personalized tea towels were a close second! We love their extensive line of warm & cozy pillow covers that would make any mom's house feel like home. 
8 - Bright Lab Custom Cotton Ball 48-Light Set
bright lab lights custom cotton ball lights Friday apparel holiday gift guide
These cotton ball lights are our fave! We get into scroll happy heaven on Bright Lab Lights' Instagram feed. The versatility of these lights is off the charts! We love that Bright Lab is run by 2 moms (holla), and they have over 40 different colors, so you can customize any light strand you and your Pinterest boards can dream up. Can't you just picture a mom-to-be opening her gift with a cute multi-pink strand for baby girl, or letting mom pick out her own colors? Dreamy, just dreamy!

The holiday fun is just beginning. Enter to win EVERYTHING featured in our "Gifts for Moms" Holiday Gift Guide! Giveaway runs Nov 24-29. Enter now!

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