Hope for Ben Solo Sticker

Hope for Ben Solo Sticker

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"Ben has made his choices," Leia said. "No one can save Ben but himself. And I don’t know if that is what he wants."

Rey nodded, a sharp dip of her chin. "I know that. I mean, rationally I know, but I guess I held out hope."

Holding out hope for Ben Solo may make us feel a little like this Smiley, but we won't give up. Leia believed in him, "You think I want to forget him? I want him back." Rey believed in him, "You underestimate Skywalker, and Ben Solo, and me." And we believe in him now.

Available in 3 sizes: 3x3, 4x4 and 5x5 (that size is the “square” they come on, and you get to peel off the sticker in the shape shown in the pic! when measuring for your stickers, measure the longest side of the design. that's what the 3", 4", or 5" will be).

Durable vinyl for indoor use. Sure to make a statement wherever you stick them.

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