I'm A Prequels Kid Sticker

I'm A Prequels Kid Sticker

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"Because I guess you were a kid when our films came out, right? So we...made them for you." -Ewan McGregor, 2022

For the Prequels kids, who dreamt of pod racing through Beggar's Canyon, laughed when Obi-Wan said "the negotiations were short," felt your heart skip a beat when Padme told Anakin "I truly deeply love you," and had your first heartbreak watching Anakin fall to the dark side. Prequels kids, we're in this together!

Available in 3 sizes: 3x3, 4x4 and 5.5x5.5 (that size is the “square” they come on, and you get to peel off the sticker in the shape shown in the pic! when measuring for your stickers, measure the longest side of the design. that's what the 3", 4", or 5.5" will be).

Durable vinyl for indoor use. Sure to make a statement wherever you stick them.

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